Lloyds Bank Facade, Repairs & Restoration

We were asked to carry out a survey on the façade of this branch of Lloyds Bank, following health and safety concerns caused by falling masonry.

Having produced a detailed report, we did some temporary works to make the building safe by removing loose stonework before developing a repair specification with the FM companies, Worksolv and Mitie. The scope and methodology were agreed with the structural engineer and all stonework repairs were completed during an 8-week contract.

Keep public access to the bank throughout the operation meant rigorous health and safety precautions. All scaffolding was sheeted and double-planked to avoid debris falling on the public — even then, an operative continued to sweep the payment below to ensure there were no trip hazards. Finally, we used tool dust extraction and a silent generator to reduce the nuisance potential to the public and employees.

Details of Work Included:

  • Removal of former plastic repairs.

  • Cutting out of heavily decayed masonry where structurally unsound.

  • Lithomex restoration of structurally good masonry to replicate detailing.

  • Elements of rebuilding adding stainless steel doweling and dog cramps.

  • Templating and production of replacement masonry at our workshop.

  • Site fixing of replacement masonry.